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Human Condition-Quality of Life
Paper 1 B)

(1)       One of the crucial questions to me about the human condition is whether the majority of people in society today will turn inward and seek guidance from their intuition, spirit or listen to the universal intelligence as life enhancing guidance.  Our disconnection from a living, intelligent energy seems to have taken us as a technological society into valuing profits and consumerism over the value of human life and world peace.  Humanity has overwhelmingly disregarded concerns about quality of life, such as poverty, illiteracy and racism in favor of pursuing corporate power and monetary riches.  The sight of homelessness, for example, is all too easily accepted and ignored.  The growing gap between those who live in wealth and those struggling to make it each day is growing larger and larger and few people seem to be working toward putting on the breaks of corporate greed and political corruption.
     A conscience of the masses lies dormant and voters are too apathetic to cast votes because using the political system seems ineffective.  An overwhelming majority of the people donít know what to do about social ills and are too busy working and taking care of their families to know what to do, and forming coalitions takes time and work, and stretches peopleís energy reserves too far.  For the most part, people do not have the extra cash to support non-profit organizations that are concerned with quality of life issues.
     I believe that our society has become unbalanced putting money above people and that this is a major reason that we have so many problems in our society.  I think that understanding the connection between our mind, body and spirit would bring greater harmony on the earth and be conducive to people reaching for their potential as people and to greater happiness.  If people could see that the direction we are going as a world greatly destroys life rather than supports it and that life contains a greater intelligence that can guide us to greater happiness and peace as a world then people may decide to reject our current direction socio-economically.  
     I think that a great impending threat to humanity would be needed to convince the world powers to become dedicated to focusing on human needs and human development along with the possibilities that come with hope that a new direction would be successful.  As I see it now, it would take a threat to the world in which all people would be adversely affected in order for the majority of the worldís population to find a way to pull together to sustain the human race.  My question as to how the world will become more enlightened to become more life enhancing rather than profit and power driven is possibly a question held by many.  Many people are already expressing their concerns about our societyís lack of conscience in the area of human rights and the blatant disregard of human rights found in governments around the world.  
     The majority of people would have to be persuaded to change the current status quo because the few voices that speak to this already are not enough.  Finding other like-minded people who respect different belief systems but who agree on maintaining a peaceful world and learning about what draws them to be concerned with the area of human wisdom, consciousness and spirituality is one way.  Understanding what appeals to people to draw them to turn inward or to some higher power for guidance in their desire for world peace and a life-enhancing society gives valuable information on what aspects of life to focus on in social communication.  If more people talked about issues of caring about humanity, more awareness is given to this philosophy and society gains strength in holding these priorities.  This view becomes more politically important also as more people voice their concerns and desires.
     Joining a human rights group and joining some online discussion boards about spirituality and culture are a few ways that Iím learning and sharing ideas about using our higher wisdom to solve world problems.  Reading, taking courses in human consciousness, meditating, participating in different religious and cultural activities and talking to friends are ways Iím learning about people and how they are motivated to work toward improving the human condition and human quality of life issues.